Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 124

1 Samuel 23 starts out with David's men going into battle.  David goes against the Philistines that are attacking Keilah.  This does not seem to be like a very important thing, but I feel that it is.  In my opinion it is a cornerstone to the building of David's empire.  The remaining portion of this chapter is about Saul chasing after David.  It amazes me how many times Saul gets close and David gets away.  It really shows how much God is in control.

Psalm 54 is very short yet very insightful into Davids fight.  We see David once again calling out to God for help.  I love how David is not afraid to go to God.  Even for the smallest of decisions we see David asking advice from God.

Psalm 63 is almost a whole other side of David.  We have been reading over and over about David going to God for help about an upcoming crisis.  This chapter however shows David longing just to be near God.  How he wants to praise God to worship Him.

The end of Luke 22 is drawing us near to the end of Jesus physical life.  Our reading today starts with the group coming to arrest Jesus.  As Judas approaches I think Jesus throws him off by knowing how he is going to betray Him.  I would have to think by this time Judas has to be thinking am I prepared for what I am about to do.  Jesus' other disciples try and prevent this and draw their swords until Jesus puts an end to this.  I wish that I could show that much control if I knew what was about to happen.  Jesus knows that He is about to be lead to his torture and death, yet knows that He is doing exactly what God wants him to do.  If we could all live like that could you imagine how the world would be today.  The next portion is about Peter disowning Jesus three times just as Jesus told him he would.  How he did not realize what he was doing still floors me.  You would have thought by the second time he would have smacked himself in the forehead and said this is exactly what Jesus was telling me about.  The final portion of this chapter is the beginning of Jesus' trial.  Jesus tells them that He is the Son of Man.

Tomorrow's reading is:
1 Samuel 24, 25, 26, 27 and Luke 23:1-25

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  1. 23. I think it's interesting in this chapter how we see that Saul still thinks he is the one in God's good favor.
    54. Psalms are a fascinating glimpse into David's day to day life.
    63. I have to admit I like these joyful Psalms a lot more then the battlefront angry ones.
    22. He never actually tells them he's the Son of Man, does he? I'm so curious about Judas, I so wonder what was going through his mind when he gave Jesus that kiss.